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Welcome to Josh Johnson Ceramics

Creating ceramics to make your heart sing, however this website is in the early stages of being set up and running.  If you would like to subscribe to receive all the latest updates and you wont miss out on a thing!  Subscribe here ...

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About Josh Johnson Ceramics

Our Background

Josh Johnson

Potting since the age of 16, it's only recently that I have focused on injecting more colour into my work.  Producing my own glazes and using some commercial stains.  The glazes are layered, using a variety of techniques including: dipping, sponging and brushing.  Many pieces will have 4 or 5 different glazes, others up to 8.  That said, I still enjoy using more muted tones reflecting the wonderful North Wales environment (where I was born and continue to live.)

Throwing, sculpting and hand building are used to create my work.  Although I consider throwing to be my forte.  Even after 40 years as a potter the challenge of using my hands & wheel to encourage the clay to take on the form I have envisaged, never loses its thrill.  Nor does the simultaneous feeling of trepidation & excitement, as I open the lid of the kiln.  Its Alchemy and always will be. 


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